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RA Umbrella provides contractors with a service that goes beyond expectations; we understand there are many umbrella companies competing for contractors, but we differentiate ourselves because we exceed your expectations of outsourced payroll services.

We operate as a straight forward PAYE employment service, meaning all activities are fully compliant and every one of our contractors are employed, protected and supported by us at all times. We believe in treating each client, contractor or recruitment agency in line with their individual needs, and to this end we provide individualised services to each of our clients.

Whether a first time contractor, working on a long or short-term basis, or a freelancer looking for a stable career journey which fit your individual needs, RA Umbrella is a collective community of contractors and recruitment agencies, but gives everyone an individual service.

We offer a compliant, personal and intelligent service, and we are the leading tax compliant umbrella company in the UK, meaning there are no late returns, difficulties, or additional tasks needed throughout the entire process.

Same Day Payments

We ensure you are paid on time, taking care of all administrative tasks, giving you swift payroll services and ensuring every hour of your time is accounted for and paid for. Consistent same day payments give you peace of mind, so you can work with the knowledge that you are being fully paid, on time and every time.

Legislation Compliant

Our match permanent pay model ensures we work closely with all contractors, agencies and end clients, working as one personal team, remaining 100% AWR compliant, supported and advised by a team of accredited legal professionals.

Insurance You Require

Our insurance package for our contractors allows them to work better, in a more secure and stable environment, and ensures we all produce the best work we can, only under the best conditions.

Having insurance in place gives clients faith that they are covered when hiring contractors, and covers contractors during rainy days alike. We offer free insurance for all of our contractors, ensuring we look after your business under every circumstance.

One Contact

With recognised, market leading specialists in areas such as tax, compliance and payroll, you have one personal manager. Someone who fully understands your business, and has the most adept experience of handling every task your business needs to grow.

We orientate our business towards being personal, and while we are a team of specialists, we constantly individualise every business, ensuring that your business is understood and appreciated by one specific expert, who will be your personal point of contact.

Invoice Your Work

At RA Umbrella, we work closely with your agency/ end client to ensure the invoices relating to the services you have performed, are raised swiftly so that you are paid on time

Freedom to Move

We do not hold you down, so you are free to join and leave at will. We offer renowned contractor services, and will deliver only the best solutions, so have 100% faith our services are right for you.

On Time Tax

We understand that tax compliance is extremely important for any operational business, and we are proud to be the most consistent umbrella company to offer on time, fully compliant tax administration. With seamlessly quick tax form returns, we ensure all procedures are fully compliant and there are no unexpected administrative processes or additional fees to revisit.

We Check Everything

We only reward recruiters with compliant, safety and background checked contractors and freelancers, which allows us to place the best contractors with the best recruiters. Operating through a team of expert legal professionals, we thoroughly absorb all documentation and ensure every contractor or freelancer is working through industry legal standards.

Approved by the Experts

All of our contracts are drafted, edited and agreed upon by a team of expert accountants and our highly effective legal team. For recruiters, this guarantees you that each of our contracts are fully compliant, completely managed, and will save you time in processing documents and administrative procedures.

Secure Processes

We provide peace of mind with the most secure, streamlined umbrella service; ensuring all tasks and daily activities are accounted for upon drawing up documents between a recruiter and a contractor.

Personal Contact

As we provide a personal manager to each of contractors as a point of contact, we guarantee a seamless communications system, meaning recruiters have one specialist point of contact which you can reply upon, and someone who fully understand and appreciates your needs.

Don’t Lose Control of Your Information

An enormous aspect of our work ensures daily activities and operations are handled by our team with the upmost care, attentiveness and legal conditions for producing streamlined work. With an organised and expertly advised information management system, we offer assurance that all important daily tasks and procedures are accounted for, helping you avoid overwhelming amounts of information.

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We strive to achieve thorough, easy and compliant invoicing and payroll solutions. Working alongside contractors and recruitment agencies requires constant, personal and easy support across the board, whenever it is needed. To this end, our experts consistently strive to achieve the highest standard of service, so you can deliver your highest standard of work.

We only use PAYE, ensuring every transaction is fully onshore, compliant, and serves you to best support your business growth. Our insurance policies have so far provided £10m in employers’ liability insurance, £5m in public liability insurance, and £2m in professional liability insurance. We fully commit to every contractor we work with, and this includes ensuring both you and your clients are fully insured, giving you both peace of mind.

Our team of market leading specialists provide us with an expert level understanding of tax, compliance, hr, payroll, administration and client services, therefore allowing us to deliver the most comprehensive range of services, so you can focus on your business without any painful worries.